Wearable Psychology

wearable psychology from Into The ForestHere at Into The Forest, we’re launching the world’s first line of psychologically curious jewelry, Wearable Psychology.

Our WEARABLE PSYCHOLOGY Type–tokens are a series of jewelry, accessories, and baubles that can be used as tools to help us explore our understanding of the people around us.

These are mostly conceptual art thinly disguised as gift objects, as a part of our ongoing mission to inject symbolism into every single object (or person) we touch.

The Goal: to slowly imbue the populace with unconscious associations between narrative and the physical world.

Why: Because poetry is more enjoyable than lack of poetry.  And at the moment, shared and shareable poetry is still rarer than it’s lack.

Just doing my part to rewind the clock on that little piece of collective unconscious to somewhere near medieval times. Why? Because generating meaning is an important facet of character growth, and giving people the idea that they can do it too slowly makes the world fill up with storytellers….with makers and characters. And that just makes it so much more fun to be here.

Also, I just really love coming up with and making presents. My inner manipulator likes the idea that by having neat objects, I might trick people into giving interesting gifts. And my inner nice person likes making things that will (probably) be involved in nice gestures, and become focal objects for kind moments.

Each piece in the Wearable Psychology line has a different purpose. You can view them HERE, with explanations of their purposes.

We will be posting more from time to time as we replenish our store.

P.S. Just for fun, here’s a free vintage graphic / clip art demonstrating phrenology:
Phrenology poster free graphics


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